The Impact of Your Deeds – Michael Broyde

As related by Michael Broyde.

A non-religious Jew used to travel to the baths in Karlsbad /\every year for his health. The time he would go coincided 1 with the time when the famous Rabbi Yisrael Hagar, the Vishnitzer Rebbe, would be there. Because the Jew was not religious, he had no contact with the Rebbe.

Once during his yearly visit, he received a telegram with the news that he had been accused of a serious crime, and would soon be put on trial. He found out that if he lost his case he would be put in prison for many years. To prevent this, he would need expert lawyers who would cost him a fortune, and he would have to pay them within two weeks.

He had no way of raising so much money, and so he wandered around listlessly and in despair, thinking that his life was at an end. His friends encouraged him to bring his problem to the Rebbe. At first he refused, but when he saw that he had no other choice, he decided to go to him.

During his audience with the Rabbi, he was so brokenhearted/hat he cried as he told of his plight. The Rebbe gave him the amount he needed as a loan, in spite of the fact that they had never met before, and the Rebbe also blessed him with success in his forthcoming trial. Sure enough, the trial took place and the case was decided in his favor.

A few months later he came to the Rebbe to repay his debt and also to thank the Rebbe, but the Rebbe refused to accept his thanks. Explaining why, he said, “It is G-d that has helped me and given me the means to help other Jews, so why thank me?”

The man was so impressed by the Rebbe, that he changed his entire lifestyle, and began to keep Shabbos and mitzvos as his grandfather had done, even though his father had not been religious and had not taught him anything about Judaism.

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